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santaletter_homeA personalized letter addressed to your child, grand-child, or other little ones, including a Certificate of Placement on the “Santa’s Nice List ”, a genuine photograph of Santa, and a few surprises in every envelope. If there’s more than 1 child receiving in your household, EACH child will receive their OWN different letter from Santa in their OWN envelope addressed and mailed SEPARATELY!

You may select the letter script from any of our samples below, and your child’s name will be inserted in the appropriate spots in the letter. Or, you may select (at no additional charge) to draft your very own letter from ‘Santa’ to the child with all the specifics YOU choose, which we print and mail with the extras (all letters will be reviewed, edited if necessary, or may be replaced by a ‘stock’ letter if the custom letter does not meet our highest standards.)

For just US $9.00 each , your child will receive a memorable letter from Santa on our high-quality ‘Santa’ stationery” including a photo of Santa, personalized ‘Nice List Certificate’, and a few special surprises hand-picked by the elves! Letters destined for international addresses beyond North America require an additional $3.00 for extra postage, and additional mailing time. Don’t delay!  Your child will be delighted with the package!

We accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as Paypal.

Letters will be mailed beginning December 1. Orders after November 30 will be mailed within 2 days of order completion for prompt delivery. NO ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER DECEMBER 10, in order to meet Postal deadlines. We recommend ordering your letters early.

If past the December 10 deadline, we may still be able to send Santa’s special letter for arrival in time for Christmas; additional fees will apply for handling and delivery. Please contact us via email for further details and pricing. We will do our best to ensure a timely delivery.

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